The management of Various Farms, aware of the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts generated by its activity, has decided to carry out the implementation of an environmental management system under the ISO 14001 standard.

With this implementation, we aim to:

• Protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution, the responsible use of each of the natural resources used in the activity, properly managing and segregating all the waste generated, etc.

• Establish environmental improvements and objectives.

• Comply with legal requirements and other applicable requirements.

• Carry out a commitment to continuous improvement of the environmental management system to improve environmental performance. Within this area, we consider it essential to establish training and retraining programs that contribute to enriching qualifications at all levels and members of the organization.

Management expressly states its fundamental commitment to meet each of the proposed objectives, putting into play all the necessary human and material resources in order to achieve compliance with environmental policy.

Therefore, we must all collaborate in the development, implementation and improvement of its effectiveness.